Reading Cranemaster 6000 and 8000 series service bodies are built tough for years of trouble-free service under crane loads. As the respective name implies the Cranemaster 6000 was designed to support a 6000 lb. capacity crane while the 8000 was designed to support an 8000 lb crane or even a 10,000 lb capacity crane. These bodies include the same features that distinguish a Reading Service Body from the competition and more!

Standard Features:

  • Truss designed 3″ and 5″ tubular steel understructure for extra strength, stability, and durability
  • 12 ga. safety tread plate steel on sides of cargo area, extending over rub rail; 1/8 treadplate floor for Cranemaster 6000 models, 3/16″ treadplate floor for Cranemaster 8000 models and 12 and 14 ga. two-sided A-60 zinc coated galvannealed steel throughout except for deck plate surfaces and understructure
  • Crane mounting area rigidly reinforced while maintaining full compartment space; includes a solid steel plate on compartment tops and steel plate lining on three sides above floor level; center hole and four mounting holes are drilled in top plate; on Cranemaster 8000 model they are drilled through the top treadplate steel on top of compartments as well
  • Die-formed rub rails and fenderettes protect Cranemaster 6000 body sides from damage. Diagonal wheel well lines for extra strength and splash protection. Rubber fenderettes are standard on Cranemaster 8000
  • Double-panel compartment doors of 18 ga. two sided A-60 galvanized steel with Readings patented hidden hinge system; flange mounted rubber door seals provide extra weather and dust protection; nitrogen shock door handles on all vertical doors, and plated chain supports on horizontal doors; positive-action stainless steel folding T-handles on three-point door locks prevent accidental release by snagging, shock, or vibration
  • Oxygen and acetylene bottle vented compartment with securing devices, hose hook, and 12 ga. safety tread plate steel compartment floor; compartment door is equipped with a 3-point lock for security and safety
  • Heavy-duty slam action tailgate with inside covered with deck plate steel for added strength; 5000 lb. reinforced tie-down rings in cargo floor
  • Galvanized bumper is grit blasted and sprayed with 3 mil thickness of pure molten zinc for maximum corrosion protection. The outrigger tube is welded to the bumper with reinforcing plates insuring secure placement. Outriggers legs are not included with body