Crayler forklifts outperform the competition through safety, use of heavy-duty components in construction, and a variety of standard features that aren’t even offered as options in the competition. Crayler models include the CR45 (4500# capacity), CR50 (5000# capacity), CR50 Palreach (45” scissor reach at 5000# capacity), CR55 (5500# capacity and the CR65 (6500# capacity). Each model is offered in a 120” or 146” lift height. However the CR45 is offered with a 143” lift height instead of 146”.


Main frame (welded, high-tensile steel channel section) is part of the operator station and integrated with the roll cage. Bolt-in carriage bearings are easy to replace and eliminate vibration.

Safety – Control – Comfort

  • Larger stabilizer pads. Helps steadys Crayler when being loaded/unloaded.
  • Center seat positioning
  • Brake is auto-activated. (meaning hydraulic pressure loss or engine shut-off and the unit will not start.

Designed to Be Better…


  1. Shortest truck-mount overhang in the industry (53”) -making it easier, safer to transport on busy streets and around corners. Its lightweight (plus a center of gravity moved closer to the truck axle) puts less stress on the truck or trailer, and allows more payload per trip.
  2. In transit the CRAYLER forklift is insulated from road bumps by using its tires as shock absorbers. Forward wheel mount support pads take pressure off the forks – minimizing bounce, for a smoother ride. And all hydraulic pressure is released – so the mast and hydraulics bear no weight.
  3. More power & maneuverability. Craylers steering system allows a 180 degree wheel turn. It can circle in its own ‘shorter’ radius – for unrivaled operating flexibility in tight spaces. The hydraulic controls are amazingly fast and smooth. Speed, torque, and braking and directional change are simply controlled by two pedals.
  4. Air cooled, 4 cylinder Deutz 64 HP diesel engine is one of the most powerful on the market and highly fuel efficient. Engine temperature is controlled for optimum performance. Built-in preheater ensures easy starting in winter.
  5. Synchronized 3-wheel drive – all three tires are the same size and rotation speed. Which means reduced wheel spin, improved climbing and rough terrain capability, better balance and smoother ride… with less site surface damage. Twin – lock-wheel motors deliver more power to the ground.