Whether your company has 100 stores or just one store Quality Truck Bodies has the capabilities to service your companies specific needs. QTB has the capability to provide turnkey units. Turnkey means upon completion the chassis will be upfitted with body and delivered to your company store ready to be put on the road immediately. They will have company colors, decaled to company specs, title work completed, tags issued, etc.

QTB employ’s a staff of experienced truck specialist with the knowledge to provide you with the correct equipment to complete the job. Part of our service is that we will call individual stores and speak to the persons in charge or ordering their new vehicle. We are also available to be reached directly for any question. This openness will help to insure each location receives the specific vehicle they desire upfitted to meet the needs of their location.

If QTB services your company what can you expect? Besides receiving the personal attention you deserve your company can rely on the fact that our computer system is far more advanced then most of our competitors. Once you have a body built from us this truck will be easily tracked over its lifetime. Whether it be warranty issues or part five years from now we will be able to pull the order quickly and determine what you bought. Having this ability at the tip of our finger also makes it easy for QTB to pull up any old quotation and make any changes before another is ordered.

Once QTB takes on a new fleet account we will also provide a private website catered specifically to meet your companies needs. This site will be designed by collaborating with the new client and will show a portfolio of the bodies your company has decided to offer to your locations. As our experience with your buisness grows we will update the site to show any additional bodies and options offered. Our goal will be to have all the cookie cutter bodies listed with names and also have all unique bodies your buisness may require with names. This will help insure that the people ordering these trucks have an understanding of what they are getting. Our goal is to get it right the first time and avoid anyone receiving a truck that isn’t upfitted just as they wanted.

QTB can provide delivery, title work, and all necessary inspections. We can install flairs, fire extinquishers, cargo nets. Any item that you need. QTB also has an in-house decal department that can make and apply any company logos to chassis before delivery.

If your company is already using a truck dealer in your region that you are familar with we will happily work with them to meet your needs. Having chassis’s drop-shipped from the manufacturer to our facility. The chassis will be upfitted by us and delivered to your location nationwide. If you do not have a dealer then we will work together to determine which vehicle best meets your needs and find a dealer who can provide you the vehicles and service after the sale that your company requires.