Hooklifts permit the increase use of a single chassis. A truck operator without leaving the cab of the truck can load or unload a container or body in less than a minute. Hooklift hoists can load, unload and dump a variety of containers or bodies. Containers can be left at a site and accumulated contents can be disposed of later. Equipment can be loaded on a skid and the skid can be hoisted on to a chassis and the equipment can be transported to any given destination. In turn the equipment can be off loaded and the skid and chassis can be employed for another activity. A given hooklift is essentially constructed to accomodate a given physical size container or body and a given payload. A hooklift capacity would be selected based on payload and volume requirements demanded. The truck chassis on which the hooklift will be mounted must have a gross vehicle weight rating and wheelbase to accomodate the hooklift capacity.

Standard Specifications & Equipment


Custom Quick Change Bodies

  • Open and closed containers
  • Recycling containers
  • Flatbed bodies
  • Dump bodies: standard and heated
  • Watertanks and spray systems
  • Salt spreaders: v-box or tailgate
  • Cranes: permanent or skid mount
  • Hydra seeders and sprayers