Quality Truck Bodies offers an extensive choice of custom built ramps to be installed on your new body or we can build and install a ramp to fit your existing truck body.

Torsion Spring-Assisted Ramp – 60” long permanent fold-down with torsion assist springs: expanded metal construction. Typically built as two individual ramps to decrease lifting weight. Available in one piece also. This particular ramp is well tested and for durability and longevity it is a champion. Over time of ownership it will cost least. For applications of trailer or flatbed bodies this ramp is perfect.

Gas Prop Assisted Ramp – 10’ long x 36” wide double-folding ramp. This ramp can be used individually or in a pair to accommodate lawn mowers or other equipment that is wider. Each ramp has a weight capacity of 1250#. Longer then our torsion spring ramp this ramp provides the option of having longer transition into your body. For some equipment having a longer transition with less of an incline is the only way your equipment will ever make it into your body. Without a longer transition it will possibly get stuck at the bottom of ramp or getting stuck at the top where it tries to go from incline to flat. This ramp is the lightest of the bunch and can be used in many applications. Standard construction is out of steel. Stainless steel available for applications where rust/corrosion is major problem. Many customers request this particular gate along with having a side door installed in there van body. Giving ramp access through the side of body.

Hydraulic Ramp – 9’ double-folding hydraulic operated gate/ramp. One piece ramp uses hydraulic lift cylinder and pump/motor to lift. Gate is operated by switch on side of body or upgrade to have remote operated system. Also comes standard with hidden power shut-off switch inside cab. Keeps gates in-operable to protect your valuable equipment from thief’s. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO