Roll-tite 008 Roll-tite 012


Rolltite tarping system is a retractable cover that can protect your load from the elements. The system can be open and closed in minutes. The flexibility of the system gives access to a load from top, back, and sides. The system consists of an aluminum extruded track mounted on the outside rails of the platform on both curbside and roadside. Bow carriages would travel the track and support the tarpaulin that would cover the entire platform and open from the rear or the front to uncover the platform. An aluminum bulkhead would be secured to the platform and is constructed to withstand the heavy winds that it is subject to and to also protect the driver incase a load moves forward. Rear access can be provided with a pull-up flap or double full-open rear doors. The tarp is a high tenacity 22 oz. polyester yarn fabric coated with PVC, and topcoated with an acrylic lacquer.