Whether your business or municipality requires routinely picking up bulk items or collecting brush cleanup after a storm purchasing a waste crane and trash body could be the addition your business needs. Here at Quality Truck Bodies we are a distributor of Automated Waste Equipment Co. cranes. AWE produces a broad line of cranes designed to meet the needs of individuals like yourselves. The particular trash boom shown to your right is the “Hawk Model H-1150” manufactured by AWE. The crane shown has a rating of 70,000 ft-lbs. The fixed boom portion is 20’ with an additional 18’-22’ of telescopic boom.


70,000 ft-lbs. crane rating


20’ Fixed boom and 18’-22’ telescopic boom

Reach below with grapple

6’ Fixed boom and 8’ telescopic boom

Lifting Height

31’-7” Fixed boom and 33’-8” telescopic boom

Crane weight less grapple

5,050 lbs. fixed boom and 5,350 lbs telescopic boom

Operators Controls

Stand up crane controls provide the operator with an unrestricted view of the loading operation. Dual side mirror images controls allow operation from either side of the vehicle. Top mount controls are optional.

Safety Features

The crane’s hydraulic system incorporates load holding valves and/or velocity fuses on all boom, boom extension, and outrigger cylinders. A swing control brake system is provided to control the rotation of the crane under load. A safety system is provided to prevent simultaneous operation of the crane and dump body.


“A” frame style outriggers with individual controls are standard. The outriggers utilize a single cylinder, internally mounted for simultaneous down and out placement.

Dump Body

The heavy duty dump body is customized to meet the end user’s needs. The bodies are available with up to 40 cubic yards capacity. A rolloff or hook lift based body can be incorporated into the crane design.

Additional Equipment

  • 20 ft. fixed or 18-22 ft. Extendable boom
  • Standup or Top Seat Controls
  • Rolloff or Hook Lift Based Body
  • Customized Grapple Attachment