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Contrary to common perception, not all van bodies are alike. Our van bodies contain heavy-duty steel understructures and more extruded aluminum components than other makes, providing greater strength and durability. Specifically, our roof radius, corner posts, 2″ Z-wall posts, H-roof bows, side-rails, and rear door frames are all extruded aluminum components, a unique benefit of QTB technologies. Our ability to customize each body and offer a multitude of equipment options set us apart from our competition.

Standard Specifications & Equipment:
Dimensions (Inside): Any length X either 90-3/4” or 96-3/4” width; choice of 84”, 90”, 96”, 102” or 108” height
Exterior: Smooth .040” pre-painted white aluminum; extruded aluminum corner posts, roof radius, and upper and lower side rails
Roof: Mill-finished aluminum roof
Side Posts: 2” extruded aluminum Z-posts on 16” centers
Roof Bows: 2” extruded aluminum H-beams on 24” centers
Floor: 1-1/8” laminated oak hardwood floor
Interior Lining: 3/8” full-height plywood liner (sides and front walls)
Rear Door: Premium 3/4” roll-up rear door
Understructure: 4” formed steel channel crossmembers on 12” center and 6” steel structural channel longitudinal runners.
Popular Options & Accessories:
  • Liftgates or slide-out ramp
  • Translucent roof
  • Double full-open rear doors
  • Side door
  • Fork-lift reinforcement
  • Single step bumper
  • Grab handles
  • Treadplate steel floor
  • Dome lights
  • E-track, E-bars, and E-straps